Friday, February 14th RED Day Day #5


  •  We have Gold Star nomination forms in the office, if you would like to pick one up!!  Deadline will be toDAY. Turn your forms into the office. 
  • 8th grade boys interested in playing high school baseball should sign up in the office.  Be watching for an email from Coach Driscol with details.
  • Silent Auction sheets are in the office for February!!  Heths Homemade Goodies, A Wild Card, and the Hello Kitty Monitor are up for bid!!!
  • Any 6th through 8th grade boys or girls interested in playing on a 3 on 3 basketball tournament coming up on March 21st.  Please stop in the office for a registration and information form .
  • Silver Cord Hours have been updated. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks
  • Thank you to ALL  who have money voted so far. Total so far is:   336.99 More performances on Monday and Tuesday!!!!
  • Please return or renew your library books. There are several overdue books.  Thanks
  • Anyone interested in attending a volleyball camp at Hawkeye Community College next month please stop in the office and  pick up a form.
  • Get ready to BOOGIE!!!!!!!!! Coming up on Friday, February 28th right here at UMS there will be a Dodgeball tournament and dance.   Event starts at 5:00 pm! Please stop in the office and pick up a dodgeball form and get your teams lined up!!! You will need 6 boys and 6 girls per team and it costs $24.00 per team.