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Lunch Menus

2022-2023 Meal Prices

Meal tickets are the school district’s property. A $3.00 fee is charged to the students to replace a lost or damaged ticket.

Students will have the use of a meal account. They will use the same ticket or student number for both breakfast and lunch. Parents may send any amount of money to the school office to be credited to their student’s account or add money electronically through the JMC Parent Portal.

Parents are notified by note and/or e-mail when their student’s account shows a low balance. School policy is when the balance reaches $-10.00 a student may charge no more than one (1) meal to this account. When the account reaches this limit, a student shall not be allowed to charge further meals or ala carte items until the negative account balance is paid. Students may not charge ala carte items if their account has a $0.00 or negative balance.

October 2022

DG & LPC  |  Breakfast  |  Lunch

Middle School  |  Breakfast  |  Lunch

High School  |  Breakfast  |  Lunch  |  Breakfast Carb Count  |  Lunch Carb Count

District  |  Gluten-Free Breakfast  |  Gluten-Free Lunch  |  Gluten-Free/No Dairy Except Cheese Lunch

September 2022

DG & LPC  |  Breakfast  |  Lunch

Middle School  |  Breakfast  |  Lunch

High School  |  Breakfast  |  Lunch

District  |  Gluten-Free Breakfast  |  Gluten-Free Lunch  |  Dairy-Free Breakfast  |  Dairy-Free Lunch | Carb Count Lunch