Dropout Prevention

Union High School works very hard to ensure that all students have a successful high school career. To that end, the staff has employed many different opportunities to help students when need arises to complete their high school requirements.

Student Support Team

Union High School administration and staff meet weekly to review students who may have some adverse situations affect their high school career. This team meets to find solutions to those issues and to personally help each one of those students individually.

Advocate Teachers

The staff at Union High School are very concerned about our students and we show that by being staff advocates for our students. This means that we pair up students with specific staff members who mentor the student throughout their high school years. They meet regularly, focused primarily on what will best help each individual student be successful.


This program is specifically designed to help students identified by the Student Support Team receive extra classroom help and instruction to be successful. Union High School has employed a teacher to run this program. She meets with students daily to help students with homework, planning and building skills that help students be successful moving forward.

In addition to all of these supports, staff work to build individualized academic and career planning that is unique to student needs. This can include online credit recovery as well as other supports that match the needs of each high school learner.