The Union Community School District has four attendance centers: Union High School, Union Middle School, La Porte City Elementary and Dysart Geneseo Elementary.

  • Union High School is a 9-12 grade building located in La Porte City, academic class sizes average 18-22 in size depending on the course.
  • Union Middle School is located in Dysart and serves grades 6-8. Academic class sizes are similar to the high school range from 18-22 students.
  • La Porte City and Dysart each have a PK-5 elementary building. Class sizes in the elementary range from 16-24 students per class.

All buildings have had updates completed in recent years and will continually be updated. The entire district has air-conditioned classroom spaces and plenty of green space surrounding them for outdoor activities. All students in grades 4-12 have a district provided chromebook for their use with K-3 students having access to classroom computers. All buildings have wifi networks to support learning.