LPC Elementary

Welcome to LPC Elementary. This year’s elementary theme will be “All In – Every Child – Every Day.” The theme comes from our building’s new focus on a professional development process called (PLC) or Professional Learning Communities.

There is new excitement in the air as we are more committed than ever to work as a team to meet the needs of all of our students together, for every child, everyday!  We are embracing a new vision of all students will learn from the thought that all student can learn. It is our responsibility to do everything possible to make this happen.

The PLC process involves the teachers working in grade levels across the district in weekly meetings. This will help us in making a better connection between teaching effectiveness, learning, assessing, reviewing data results, reteaching, differentiation of instruction, and meeting student’s needs. This will be a great challenge for all of us to take on. But the time is right now, for our transformation from a good school, to a great school, and then on to an awesome school!!!

I believe if we all work together as one team in a supporting, encouraging, challenging, reflecting, and unstoppable way, then our students will learn more than we ever imagined they could.  We will decide what we want students to learn, find out if they have learned, challenge them if they do learn, and respond appropriately with time and support when they have not.

We are “All In” and ready to do our part to support, guide, encourage, motivate, and lead our building in a collaborative environment where all students will learn.  All In – Every Child – Every Day!!!!

Vision: Education to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Mission: To insure our students develop their abilities, realize their opportunities, and become prepared for a changing world.

At La Porte City Elementary; we respect ourselves, each other, our work, and our environment. We act safely and responsibly.

Together we can do our BEST!