Monday, February 11th, 2019 Red Day






  • Any students 14 years of age or younger  interested in entering a 2019 Iowa Radon Poster Contest, please stop in the office to pick up a registration and  guideline sheet. Posters must be postmarked on or before March 1st, 2019.
  • We do have Gold Star Teacher nomination forms in the office. Please take the time to nominate one of our amazing teachers here at UMS!!!  Forms are due back to the office by this Friday.
  • Any 8th grade boys who plan to play high school baseball should sign up in the office.  Coach Driscol sent a sign up sheet.
  • UMS  has the  opportunity to host The Prairie Fire Theatre Company this year!!! The play is going to be “Sleeping Beauty”.  We have heard from so many former students that this was one of the most amazing experiences and one of the best memories from middle school!!   Also, if you are looking to try something new this is the chance!!! This will start next week , February 18th through February 23rd. Please stop in the office and pick up a form. Please read and return the note to the office by February 18th. This has to be turned in, in order for you to participate!!!  We are also in need of 2 students who can work behind the scenes with lighting, etc!!!
  • Math Counts has been postponed until Friday, Feb. 15th!!! They will be competing at Hawkeye community College!!!
  • No afternoon shuttle tonight!
  • Great job to ALL  the Lip Off Performers!! What a great way to get us started!!!