Union CSD believes that traditional, in-person school attendance leads to the greatest learning opportunities for students. However, there may be rare and unusual circumstances created by public emergencies declared by state or local officials which temporarily prevent students from attending traditional, in-person school.

In these circumstances, the superintendent will have discretion to make reasonable accommodations for students, on a case-by-case basis, to attend school through remote learning opportunities within the available resources of the district and as permitted by law. During approved remote learning, attendance will be taken, assessments may be administered, and grades will count towards students’ cumulative grade point average as if they were attending in person.

The provision of special education and accommodations for students who have individualized education programs (IEPs) or Section 504 plans will be determined by each respective IEP or Section 504 team.

State of Iowa Senate File 2310 provides an opportunity for families to request remote learning for their child(ren), and specifies the information a school district must collect in order to approve the request.

The parent/guardian of a student may make a written request for their child(ren) to receive remote learning due to the significant health condition of the student, another resident of the student’s residence, or a regular caretaker of the student that has a significant health condition that  increases the risk of COVID-19.

The Request for Remote Learning Form will be available on the district’s website. You will need to attach to the form documentation from an Iowa Board of Medicine-licensed medical professional confirming that remote learning is medically necessary due to the vulnerable health condition of the child, family member residing in the same home as the child, or caretaker.

The documentation shall include:

1) the name of the person with the health condition;

2) specify the person’s health condition;

3) written verification of the health condition from the person’s physician or licensed health care provider and;

4) for persons other than the student, whether the person with the health condition is a resident of the student’s residence or the student’s regular caretaker.

Completed forms and medical documentation should be returned to your child’s attendance center no later than August 12, 2020.