Twelve Union students participated in the JA Titan Challenge at Hawkeye Community College Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

The JA Titan Challenge is an interactive online business simulation that offers a unique way for juniors and seniors to learn what it takes to compete in the marketplace and run a successful business.  Students analyze situations, apply information under time pressure, interpret and chart data, think critically, make decisions, solve math problems and work together as a team.  The goal is to reach a balance of supply and demand at an efficient cost of production.  All teams begin with equal levels of cash and inventory as well as manufacturing capacity. The team with the highest performance index (PI) is the winning team.  Sam Ollendieck and Ben Behrens received first place and a $1500.00 scholarship each to a college of their choice.

scholarship winners

Sam Ollendieck and Ben Behrens

group of students for the titian challenge

Students attending, front, from left: Ben Behrens, Sam Ollendieck, Logan Brown, Olivia Sash, and Veronica Redman. Back from left: Dylan Felderman, Hunter Klima, Lucian Rockhold, Levi Gray, Zeke Seuser, Ben Rempe and Jacob Lowe.