Union HS Chamber Choir to perform at State Girls Basketball Championships

Over the last 18 years, the Union High School Vocal Department has become a regular participant at, oddly enough, all of the state athletic finals. They are not there for their prowess on the field and court but the quality of their voices. That’s right, Union will again be performing the national anthem at a state event. Over the years Union vocalists have been selected to perform the national anthem at State Football, State Boys Basketball, State Girls Basketball, State Dual Wrestling, State Individual Wrestling, State Volleyball and All-State Speech Festival. Next up for Union will be the opening round of the 2018 State Girls Basketball Championships. A group of 12 vocalists have been chosen to perform for the 10am Session on Wednesday, Feb. 28 at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. Performing will be Kassidy Downs, Claire Thoma, Emily Schmidt, Taylor Short, Lauren Harrigan, Kortlyn Ewoldt, Carter Spore, Zeke Seuser, Wesley Hanson, Tate Hookham, Hunter Fleshner and Ben Rempe.   The group is under the direction of Tim J. Mitchell.