About UMS


Staff, parents, and community members will work together to help students gain:
  • More knowledge
  • More responsibility and accountability
  • More confidence in themselves and their abilities
At Union Middle School, we recognize the need for Essential Learnings…


Knowledgeable Person

  • Have strong knowledge base
  • Know how to get information
  • Can interpret information
  • Are constantly learning

Quality Producer

  • Have strong work ethic
  • Proofread their work
  • Strive to meet their goals
  • Work to their potential

Cooperative/Collaborative worker

  • Respect each others’ ideas
  • Contribute as a team member
  • Encourage others
  • Negotiate as necessary

Problem Solver

  • Identify problems
  • Generate ideas
  • Analyze possible solutions
  • Make decisions
  • Evaluate results

Effective Communicator

  • Read, write, listen and speak effectively
  • Use non-verbal communication
  • Speak appropriately to their audience

Contributing Citizen

  • Assume responsibility for their actions
  • Show pride and respect for their school
  • Try to improve the community