Regular daily rural route students can find their AM/PM pick-up and drop-off times listed in JMC.


Shuttle Bus Information/Routes

  1. LPC in town AM stops after routes all between 7:20 and 7:25
    Bus 3 VFW
    Bus 3 Elementary
    Bus 17 Anton Addition at top of hill by 135 Anton
    Bus 23 Caldwell Daycare in driveway 3rd and Cedar
    Bus 7Methodist Church
    Bus 10 Sweet Addition
  2. LPC in town stop AM on the way to the elementary
    Bus 23 Locust around 7:35
  3. LPC in town stops in the PM after elementary around 3:30
    Bus 3 Locust
    Bus 23 Methodist Church
    Bus 23 Caldwell Daycare
    Bus 10 Sweet Addition
    Bus 10 Locust
  4. LPC in town stops after High School around 3:45
    Bus 3 VFW
    Bus 3 Elementary
    Bus 17 Anton Addition
    Bus 23 Caldwell Daycare
    Bus 7 Methodist Church
    Bus 10 Sweet Addition
  5. Middle School Shuttle buses from UHS to UMS leave at 7:30
    7th grade ride bus 15
    8th grade ride bus 17
    6th grade ride bus 7
  6. High School Shuttle from UMS to UHS leaves at 7:35
    All high school students ride bus 16
  7. High School early shuttle leaves UMS at 6:55
    All high school early bird students ride bus 15


Attention Parents: If your child will NOT be riding the bus in the morning please call the bus garage at 319-342-3286. This is for bus riders district-wide. Those calls are forwarded to Mike Timmer and he will notify the bus driver via the bus radio. If you call between 4:00 PM and 6:00 AM leave a message and it will be checked in the morning.

Photo of Transportation

Mike Timmer

Head of Building, Grounds & Transportation -


Phone: 319-342-3286