Talent and Gifted

Union Community School District will serve the unique learning needs of all students. The purpose of formal identification for the Talented and Gifted program is to serve gifted students whose specific aptitude and/or general intellectual needs require classroom differentiation and enrichment to ensure appropriate learning opportunities.

USCD is committed to providing these students with a learning environment flexible enough to allow a diversity of options in order to maximize their potential.

K-3 Enrichment Program: During the 1st trimester, the TAG teacher will use multiple criteria including: STAR Reading, Fall Math Pre-tests, the FAST Reading assessment, and teacher recommendations.

Grades 4-12: Students will be identified using ISASP (Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress) individual subject area scores and/or composite National Percentage Rankings, STAR Math/Star Reading scores, teacher recommendations, and the good judgement of the TAG teacher, based on other criteria and circumstances. Students will be re-evaluated annually for continuation of services.