Good Conduct Policy

Philosophy and Purpose for Establishing the Good Conduct Code

Participation in school activities is a privilege. School activities provide the benefits of promoting additional interests and abilities in the students during their school years and for a lifetime.

Students who participate in extracurricular activities serve as ambassadors of the school district throughout the calendar year, whether away from school or at school. Students who wish to have the privilege of participating in extracurricular activities must conduct themselves in accordance with board policy and must refrain from activities that are illegal, immoral, or unhealthy.

Students who fail to abide by this policy and the administrative regulations supporting it may be subject to disciplinary measures. The principal shall keep records of violation of the Good Conduct Code. It shall be the responsibility of the UCSD (Union Community School District) Board of Education to adopt rules and regulations for school activities. Students wanting to participate in school activities must meet the requirements set out by the UCSD for participation in the activity.

The activities that are affected by the Good Conduct Code are all school sponsored public events (i.e. athletic activities, plays, etc.) or events in which the student is acting as a representative of the school (including elected and honorary offices, Homecoming attendant, music contests, etc.), with the exception of direct extensions of curricular activities (i.e. winter concert, field trips, etc.), as determined by administration.


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