Hard Surface Bus Stops Only!

January 10, 2024  |  Posted in  |  Back to All News

Greetings on our second snow day! I wanted to inform you of a change for tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 11th. As a few of the gravel roads in our district have not been maintained/plowed, we will have school, on time tomorrow with hard surface bus stops only — morning and afternoon. For parents/guardians of students who are on a bus route, please click on the bus tab in your student’s JMC account. It is located on the left-side drop-down menu. In that area, you will find the location of the hard surface bus stop as well as the pickup (morning) and drop-off (afternoon) times.

We certainly understand some students in our rural areas may not be able to get to the hard surface stop. If that is the case, parents/guardians please contact the appropriate building.

We were not expecting this scenario, but we believe this is the only option to have school tomorrow, Jan. 11, 2024. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Go Knights!