thank you imageI would like to extend a grateful and heartfelt thank you to the communities of La Porte City and Dysart, for stepping up and joining in our efforts to provide meals for our students during the state-wide school closure for Corvid-19. Yvonna Krutzfeldt  of Crosspointe Church in Dysart, along with Jeff and Angie Hutton of Heartland Church in La Porte City, were the guiding force behind the meal preparation and distribution March 23 through 25.

Another huge thank you needs to go out to Union’s Food Services Director Tina Hanna, who worked tirelessly for many days trying to get approval from the State of Iowa and USDA so that the Union district could prepare and provide the meals. She and her crew are now working to make sure the nutritional needs of our students are being met each day.

Without the continued support from our community’s we would not be able to provide the many opportunities for our students.

Travis Fleshner

Superintendent, Union Community Schools