Free Meals for Students

Fellow Knights,
Many of you have seen schools providing grab-and-go meals for students in their district and are probably wondering why Union has not made any
announcement about offering these meals.

I have been working with Tina Hanna, Union’s Food Services Director and the state office. Some of the surrounding school districts were preapproved because of their percentage of students who qualify for free- or reduced price meals and were already approved for the summer meals program. They were able to be fast-tracked through the approval process at the Department of Education.

Union has submitted an application to provide these meals, but as of this writing has not been approved. The State is asking us to provide specific information on our need for this program because our free- or reduced meal numbers are not showing a great enough need in our communities. While we know there is a need, we need to provide additional information to the state and I need our communities’ assistance in gathering that information.

We are attempting to collect data as far as the financial impact Covid-19 has had in our communities, i.e. loss of employment, reduction of hours,

If your financial situation has changed due to Covid-19, please call the District Office, 319-342-2674, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or email me directly This will allow us to provide documentation to the state and potentially allow our school district to provide meals to our students. I will need your name and how your financial situation has changed, we will not release your information. This does not mean you will immediately qualify for freeor reduced price meals. You will need to complete the application process first. That paperwork is available on our website. (Please take time to complete your census. Census information drives programming availability)

In the meantime, two area churches have stepped up to provide meals for our students.

Dysart Area
Crosspointe Church
Serving from the front of Union Middle School
M-F from 11:00-12:00
Anyone under 18 Years of Age
Contact Yvonna Krutzfeldt at 515-669-2014 with any questions or

La Porte City Area
Heartland Church
Serving from Heartland Church, 705 Bishop Avenue, LPC
M-F from 11:00-12:00
Anyone under 18 years of Age
Contact Angie Hutton at 319-269-2652 or with any questions or

As we continue to work together through this event, please do not hesitate to reach out to the school district with any questions or concerns. Even though we cannot have our doors open, we are still committed to our students and families.

Travis Fleshner