Union Community School District
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Student Achievement

The Union Community School District is committed to fostering growth and promoting student achievement at all levels.

We offer a challenging and diverse curriculum that meets the needs of students at all ability levels. Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure students receive a quality education, as well as the social and emotional learning support necessary to produce well-rounded citizens.

We are passionate about the success of all students and we look forward to helping your child reach his or her full potential.

Student achievement data helps us to measure the effectiveness of our instruction and our programs; furthermore, this data guides our efforts to improve  instruction in the classroom and the overall school system.  We are proud of our students’ accomplishments, and we are always looking for new, innovative approaches to better meet student needs.

Link to the Iowa Department of Education Public Reporting Website


The reports available on the Iowa Department of Education Public Reporting Website linked above provide access to a variety of reports covering multiple areas including district and school profiles, financial reports and school and district plans. Please take a moment to examine these reports as well as the information below, taken from the Union Community School District’s most recent annual calendar and report to the community, published in August of 2013.  New reports will be posted in August of 2014 showing updated student achievement data for the 2013-2104 school year.