Union Community School District
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Daily Schedule

The school day is 8:19 a.m. to 3:03 p.m.  Students in the building at any time are to be under the direct supervision of a staff member and should remain on the school grounds from the time they arrive in the morning until they leave at the close of the day.
7:30               Doors open                                                                        
7:45               Media Center opens                                                         
8:15               1st Bell Rings                                                                     
BLACK/EVEN Day             
8:19-9:11                 1st Hour                              
9:14-10:06       2nd Hour
10:09-11:01     3rd Hour
11:04-12:18      4th Hour
(11:04-11:24     8th grade eats lunch)                   
(11:25-11:45     7th grade eats lunch)                  
(11:58-12:18    6th grade eats lunch)                    
12:21-1:13         5th Hour                                         
1:22-2:10           6th Hour
1:09-1:50          7th Hour
8:19-8:44        PAL
8:47-9:35        1st Hour
9:38-10:26      2nd Hour
 10:29-11:17     3rd Hour
11:20-12:28     4th Hour
(11:20-11:40    8th grade eats lunch)
(11:41-12:01     7th grade eats lunch)
(12:08-12:28    6th grade eats lunch)
12:31-1:19        5th Hour
1:22-2:10         6th Hour
2:13-3:03         7th Hour