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Dear Parents,
Community Members, and Students

The Silver Cord program was initiated to
encourage students to become contributing citizens to his/her community. Research has shown that children who
volunteer at a young age are much more likely to continue their community
spirit as they mature. We, at Union, are
committed to helping students become conscientious, reliable people. Therefore, this program is an excellent way
to encourage and reward students for becoming contributing citizens. Students who volunteer and document enough
hours during their high school years will be recognized each year and/or wear a
silver cord at their high school graduation.

This project is completely voluntary. As in any situation, we would hope no
accidents happen, but prior to participating make sure the student has proper
insurance coverage, as well as, the people students work for. Union High School is not liable for accidents
during this volunteer endeavor.

As those
encouraging this initiative, please review the guidelines listed below and
check with the school (343-2697 or 800-670-5237 if you have any questions.