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Faculty Pages & Lesson Plans

members who have sites developed for their classes are listed below. Click on
the name of a class you wish to visit. To find out the week’s assignments,
click on the lesson plans link next to the instructor’s name.

Beck, Louis

Ag Education, Science: lesson plans

Bistline, Mike

Band: lesson plans

Beermann, Kyle

English: lesson plans

Bostian, Dean

Social Studies: lesson plans

Breitbach, Pat

Sciencelesson plans

Carlson, Korina

Spanish II, III, IV &Algebra Concepts lesson plans on Canvas

Darnall Poyner, Joleen

Art: lesson plans

Delagardelle, Mary

SCI: lesson plans

Denner, Scott

Phys. Ed.: lesson plans

Dunkelberger, Holly

German: lesson plans German

Gassman, Adam

Math: lesson plans

Gassman, Jennifer

Teacher Librarian:

Gates, Jennifer

Science: lesson plans

Hemsath, Craig

Science: lesson plans

Kvale, Tina

Social Studies, Spanish: lesson plans,
Sociology web pages

Laures, Tom  Math: lesson plans

Leytem, Alison

English II

Michael, Kerrie


Mitchell Tim

Vocal Music: lesson plans

Parson, Justin

Math: Web pages

Pospisil, Jared

SCI: lesson plans


Family and Consumer Science

Walleser, Joe

Industrial Technology

Kuhlers, Kyle


Warren, Valerie

Business: lesson plans

Wigg, Bruce

 Social Studies: lesson plans

Wittenburg, Erin

Physical Education & Health with lesson plans

Zondo, Elizabeth

UP Coordinator