W.I.N. Time Successes at UHS

Union High School has started a new intervention time (W.I.N.=What I Need) for all high school students this school year. Thirty (30) minutes was built into the schedule between second (2nd) and third (3rd) period to allow students to have time to get more information from a teacher, get caught up on some school work, re-learn a concept they are struggling with, or put in some extra time on a project. Each WIN session (4 days per week) a teacher may select students from their classes to stop in for some extra time. If students are not selected by their teacher they can select one of their teachers to get some additional assistance.

Why WIN Time: The basic purpose is that Union High School staff members want to ensure that ALL students have the opportunity to learn at HIGH levels. UHS has taken on the motto: Failure is NOT an Option…meaning that the staff want to do all they can to assist all students in being successful at whatever they chose to do after high school. Adding the extra time during day ensures that all students get a chance to connect some extra time with their teachers. Many of our students live very busy lives outside of school; including sports and activities to family obligations that make it hard to see teachers before or after school. The time during the school day ensures that all students will have access to their teachers for additional support and assistance.

The data we collect every day shows that at least 50% (daily) of our student body has been in for a WIN Session for 48 days that we have had WIN. Our highest percent of students spending extra time in a WIN session was 68%.

After 48 days of WIN Time:

Totals Avg per day

82.8 3973 Teacher Selected
86.0 4126 Student Selected
168.7 8099 Total
Average 50.2% % in Staff Rooms